This warranty offer is as extra step to show you how much we care about our products!

1. We always send 0.2% free spare parts(or whole products) together with the goods when order reaches 5000pcs for single model. Normally, this is enough for you to remain the products in good working conditions. If you need more spare parts(or whole product), you can buy with us.

2. All products sold on NINGBO CAESAR ELECTRONICS LTD include a 12-months parts(products) warranty. It is valid after the date of arrival.

3. This 12-months warranty covers all parts necessary to remain product in working condition.

4. Warranty is only valid if a product has malfunction due to manufacturers defect. It does not cover user negligence, error, recklessness or damage during transportation.
5. Shipping fees are not included under this warranty policy; if a product needs to be parts services then the owner must pay for shipping fees.

6. Damages Warranty in Shipping: when you get your goods of NINGBO CAESAR ELECTRONICS LTD, you need check the packing firstly, if you find damges of packing, you must check goods. If you found damages of your goods, you must claim this compensation from shipping company(same as B/L).

7. Two Months warranty of Stock Damages(for buyer, distributor, agent): When you open packing and find damages, you must make photos with packing to assure this. This warranty is available only within two months after your getting goods of NINGBO CAESAR ELECTRONICS LTD.

8. Owner must contact NINGBO CAESAR ELECTRONICS LTD prior to any warranty claim. Buyer must present evidence that the claimed products were bought with CAESAR ELECTRONICS. All warranty claims must be authorized and accepted by CAESAR ELECTRONICS in advance.