For RCA Cables , it has 2 styles as usual .

One is one band RCA cable, Our Specification as below:

OD: 6mm, but for high quality RCA cable , the RCA cable outside will be braided Aramide-fiber ,

So the OD final is about 7mm . Our OFC wires are 4X20/0.12mm , others only is 4X10/0.12mm .

Please look at these below pictures:

The other one Style is two bands RCA cable,

Our specifications are 2x(15/0.12mm + AL + 48/0.12mmBraiding OFC) ,OD: 4+4mm .

Others only is 2x(10/0.12mm + AL + 30/0.12mm) without aluminium foil OFC and without Brainded .

OD is 3.7+3,7mm .

We also have one other briading RCA model, the specifications as beow:

2X(20/0.12mm+AL+80/0.12mm braiding, OD: 5+5mm .

Please look at these below pictures:

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